bulgaria. eggs.

Bulgaria and eggs. What more needs to be said? 

Probs a lot. Like I went to Bulgaria and ate some really delicious eggs and I am going to tell you how to make them. And I also saw a lot of cool things in Bulgaria and I am going to tell you about them because I think you may like to visit too. Also like how good are eggs and going to places you have no expectations about and finding out they are pretty damn cool? And what to do with all the eggs when your chickens come out of their winter egg-hibernation and amp up their output? I'll tell you what. And more. 

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rosemary and parsnip cake

Sometimes life happens and it isn't very nice. Other times it happens and it's amazing- most of the time it's that, but sometimes it sucks. I always try to find anything that could be positive about a situation that is, in all appearances, very un-positive (Broken down on the side of the road? That'll give you plenty of time to admire the countryside without the distractions of driving. Lose something very important? Your searching skills are certainly going to be a lot sharper after this. You get the idea. And when it is just a truly frustrating, sucky situation... well, at least you'll make sure it never happens again.), but sometimes there is just nothing. Even knowing you will never do anything so stupid or unthinking again gives little in the way of reassurance or positive vibes at these times. 

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